State of the climate: five big issues from the report that will affect every Australian

Graham Readfearn
David Gray/Reuters

Climate Heat Maps Show How Hot It Could Get for Today’s Tweens


Eye of Sauron

The Electoral College Is Also a Climate Problem

Peter Beinart

How Climate Migration Will Reshape America

Abrahm Lustgarten
Meridith Kohut

Climate change is increasing the likelihood of extreme autumn wildfire conditions across California

Michael Goss, Daniel L Swain, John T Abatzoglou, Ali Sarhadi, Crystal A Kolden, A Park Williams and Noah S Diffenbaugh
Noah Berger / AP

In Oregon, a New Climate Menace: Fires Raging Where They Don’t Usually Burn

Christopher Flavelle and Henry Fountain
Kristina Barker for The New York Times

Federal Report Warns of Financial Havoc From Climate Change

Coral Davenport and Jeanna Smialek
Cindy Yamanaka/The Orange County Register, via Associated Press

Climate Apocalypse Now

Jeff Goodall

Paying for Extreme Weather: Wildfire, Hurricanes, Floods and Droughts Quadrupled in Cost Since 1980

Bob Berwyn

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