There are many.

We look at all possible scenarios to provide a better view of the future.

We are solving one of the most important challenges of our time: how will we get countries, companies, and markets to understand the financial risks and opportunities resulting from climate change?

This will change their behaviour and the world.


Products designed for a radically uncertain future.

For financial institutions looking to understand the risks of climate change, riskthinking.AI applies a stochastic lens to offer solutions that measure impacts at an unprecedented level of detail. We provide unique insights into our climate future – giving firms a competitive edge.

In contrast, current tools for analyzing climate change risks create blind spots for financial institutions because they use deterministic approaches to model an inherently unpredictable future. They provide poor visibility of the range of possible outcomes and miss potential combinations and extremes that will shape the future.

Data that uncovers the physical asset structure of companies and reveals the climate exposure of each of their underlying assets. Firms discover blindspots, see risks more clearly, and jumpstart the development of tailored climate financial risk products.

Software for in-depth analysis of the integrated Physical and Transition risks associated with climate change.

your blindspots


Our management team brings expertise spanning climate science, data science, financial engineering, and software engineering.

Ron Dembo, <i>PhD</i>

Ron Dembo, PhD CEO

Dilshan Kathriarachchi

Dilshan Kathriarachchi CTO

Eitan Levitt

Eitan Levitt CPO

Ted Obenchain

Ted Obenchain SVP & Head of Sales

Andrew Wiebe

Andrew Wiebe CSO

We are privileged to have the guidance of our active board directors and board advisors, who bring their experience leading central banks, global financial institutions, and preeminent technology companies.

Board Directors

David Dodge

David Dodge Former Governor of the Bank of Canada

Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield Former Commander of the International Space Station

Anatol Von Hahn

Anatol Von Hahn Former Head of Scotiabank Canada

Lucien Foster

Lucien Foster Corporate Strategy Executive at Bloomberg LP

Board Advisors

Andy Chisholm

Andy Chisholm Board Member at the Royal Bank of Canada; Former Partner at Goldman Sachs

Mark Hughes

Mark Hughes Board Member at UBS; Former Chief Risk Officer at the Royal Bank of Canada

Carolyn Wilkins

Carolyn Wilkins Former Senior Deputy Governor of the Bank of Canada; Research Scholar at Princeton University; Bank of England Financial Policy Committee

Darius Nassiry

Darius Nassiry Practice Leader, Resilience and Sustainability at WSP

Andrew Zolli

Andrew Zolli Chief Impact Officer at Planet

Aimee Christensen

Aimee Christensen Sustainability Consultant to the White House, Google, Microsoft, and more

Roger Cooke

Roger Cooke Chauncey Starr Senior Fellow for Risk Analysis at Resources for the Future

Charlie Donovan

Charlie Donovan Professor of Sustainable Finance at the University of Washington


Bloomberg, Bank of New York Mellon, TD Bank, Deloitte, University of Washington, and more ensure that our data, coverage and software are all of the highest standard.