Sea Level

Sea-level rise could make rivers more likely to jump course

California Institute of Technology
Jesse Allen, University of Maryland’s Global Land Cover Facility, andLANDSAT 1 – NASA Images

A Quarter of Bangladesh Is Flooded. Millions Have Lost Everything.

Somini Sengupta and Julfikar Ali Manik

A Satellite Lets Scientists See Antarctica’s Melting Like Never Before

Kendra Pierre-Louis, Henry Fountain and Denise Lu

Land Projected to Be Below Tideline in 2050

Salty Water In Bangkok Is New ‘Reality’ As Sea Pushes Farther Inland

Rina Chandran

New elevation data triple estimates of global vulnerability to sea-level rise and coastal flooding

Scott A. Kulp & Benjamin H. Strauss
Arthur Villator / Shutterstock

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