Climate change risk to global port operations

C. Izaguirre, I. J. Losada, P. Camus, J. L. Vigh & V. Stenek
Advanced Science News

How businesses can build resilience to climate impacts and protect the vulnerable throughout value chains

Samantha Harris and Léa Farnier
MIT Sloan Management Review

This Luxury Tower Has Everything: Pools. A Juice Bar. And Flood Resilience.

Matt Shaw

Helping Companies And Investors Turn Water Risk Into Resilience

OOSKAnews Correspondent
AP/Hadi Mizban

Valuing nature conservation

Julien Claes, Michael Conway, Tony Hansen, Kimberly Henderson, Duko Hopman, Joshua Katz, Clarisse Magnin-Mallez, Dickon Pinner, Matt Rogers, Antoine Stevens, Robert Wilson

Sea level rise is a looming threat to farm water

Brad Hooker
KATE TULLY / The Atlantic

How a salt marsh could be a secret weapon against sea level rise in B.C.’s Fraser delta

Stephanie Wood

Florida’s Flooded Future: ‘Retreat While There’s Still Time’

Laura Raim

Climate crisis making world’s forests shorter and younger, study finds

Damian Carrington

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