Climate change will cause a shift in Earth’s tropical rain belt — threatening water and food supply for billions, study says

Li Cohen

Change in global precipitation patterns as a result of climate change


Guest post: Why climate change will cause more ‘strong’ Indian Ocean Dipole events

DR. Wenju Cai, Dr. Kai Yang, and Dr. Benjamin Ng
Adobe Stock Photo

Hotter, wetter, wilder: St. John’s gets climate projections for 2050

Juanita Mercer

Climate change will cause more extreme wet and dry seasons

Clemson University

Climate projection suggests warmer, wetter weather in National Capital Region by 2050

Ted Raymond

Human influence has intensified extreme precipitation in North America

Megan C. Kirchmeier-Young, and Xuebin Zhang

Future changes in precipitation over Central Asia based on CMIP6 projections

Jie Jiang, Tianjun Zhou, Xiaolong Chen and Lixia Zhang
European Institute for Asian Studies

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