Paris Agreement

U.S. rejoins Paris climate agreement. Now comes the daunting part

Josh Lederman
Thibault Camus / AP file

Secretary-General welcomes US return to Paris Agreement on Climate Change

Analysis: When might the world exceed 1.5C and 2C of global warming?

Andrew Deer / Alamy Stock Photo

Countries signal greater climate ambition but ‘step change’ needed on road to Glasgow

Chloé Farand
Robert Brown/Flickr

We have set an end date for oil and gas production. The world should follow

Dan Jørgensen and Andrea Meza Murillo

UNEP: Net-zero pledges provide an ‘opening’ to close growing emissions ‘gap’

Zeke Hausfather
Hans Blossey / Alamy Stock Photo

Where do carbon emissions go when they’re no longer in your portfolio?

Maarten Vleechhouwer and Fiona Spuler

UN chief stresses need for greater speed to achieve carbon neutrality

UN Photo/Kibae Park

What Biden’s U.S. election win means for Canadian climate action

Ainslie Cruickshank

Just how hot will it get this century? It’s worse than we thought

Michael Grose and Julie Arblaster, The Conversation

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