North America

Canadian oil and gas province Alberta aims to export hydrogen

Rod Nickel
Fuel Cell Works

Americans are becoming climate migrants before our eyes

Alex Domash
Samuel Corum/AFP/Getty Images

Eye of Sauron

How Climate Migration Will Reshape America

Abrahm Lustgarten
Meridith Kohut

7 Ways You’re Already Paying for Climate Change

Jennifer R. Marlon
Copernicus Sentinel (2020), processed by ESA

Federal Report Warns of Financial Havoc From Climate Change

Coral Davenport and Jeanna Smialek
Cindy Yamanaka/The Orange County Register, via Associated Press

Fast-Moving California Wildfires Boosted by Climate Change

Anne C. Mulkern

Hotter, wetter, wilder: St. John’s gets climate projections for 2050

Juanita Mercer

Unprecedented Drought Challenges for Texas Water Resources in a Changing Climate: What Do Researchers and Stakeholders Need to Know?

John W. Nielsen‐Gammon, Jay L. Banner, Benjamin I. Cook, Darrel M. Tremaine, Corinne I. Wong, Robert E. Mace, Huilin Gao, Zong‐Liang Yang, Marisa Flores Gonzalez, Richard Hoffpauir, Tom Gooch, Kevin Kloesel
Associated Press,

Mississippi Delta marshes in a state of irreversible collapse

Tulane University
Restore The Mississippi River Delta

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