Coastal Zone Management Bill Becomes Law, Mitigating Erosion and Rising Sea Level Threats

Hawaii DLNR via County of Maui.

Learning From the Kariba Dam

Namwali Serpell

How a salt marsh could be a secret weapon against sea level rise in B.C.’s Fraser delta

Stephanie Wood

”Everything gone”: People of Sundarbans stare at bleak future

Pradipta Tapadar
CNN Weather

Fourteen million Britons ready to get on their bikes

Martyn Herman

Green pivot: Canadian oil well drillers turn to geothermal market in effort to put rigs back to work

Emma Graney

Fort McMurray flood swamps 1,230 buildings

It will take over one billion dollars to protect one small Louisiana town from climate change

Joan Meiners

Committed emissions from existing energy infrastructure jeopardize 1.5 °C climate target

Dan Tong, Qiang Zhang, Yixuan Zheng, Ken Caldeira, Christine Shearer, Chaopeng Hong, Yue Qin & Steven J. Davis
Oliver Heat Cool

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