Energy firms urged to mothball coal plants as cost of solar tumbles

Jillian Ambrose

Experts Think The Coal Industry May Never Recover From The Pandemic, And We’re Not Sad

Carly Cassella

How Shell Backed Dutch ‘Coordinator’ of Climate Science Denial For Decades

Alexander Beunder, Jilles Mast, Merel de Buck, and Bas van Beek

Green pivot: Canadian oil well drillers turn to geothermal market in effort to put rigs back to work

Emma Graney

The new oil? The geopolitics and international governance of hydrogen

Thijs Van de Graaf, Indra Overland, Daniel Scholten, Kirsten Westphal

The hard truths of climate change — by the numbers

Jeff Tollefson

Committed emissions from existing energy infrastructure jeopardize 1.5 °C climate target

Dan Tong, Qiang Zhang, Yixuan Zheng, Ken Caldeira, Christine Shearer, Chaopeng Hong, Yue Qin & Steven J. Davis
Oliver Heat Cool

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