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Costs of Coastal Climate Damage Set to Climb

Climate News Network

Shareholder climate rebellions surge despite coronavirus crisis

Abhishek Shrma

Climate crisis making world’s forests shorter and younger, study finds

Damian Carrington

How more powerful Pacific cyclones may be fueling global warming

Carolyn Gramling

Antarctic Ocean Reveals New Signs of Rapid Melt of Ancient Ice, Clues About Future Sea Level Rise

Bob Berwyn

Experts recount cost of bushfires and government must listen


Mississippi Delta marshes in a state of irreversible collapse

Tulane University
Restore The Mississippi River Delta

Complex dynamics of water shortages highlighted in study

Syl Kacapyr

Climate Change Is Making Hurricanes Stronger, Researchers Find

Henry Fountain

Just how hot will it get this century? It’s worse than we thought

Michael Grose and Julie Arblaster, The Conversation

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