Climate Narratives

Climate heroes: the countries pioneering a green future

Jonathan Watts
Sergio Pérez/Reuters

‘We’re part of the problem.’ Astronomers confront their role in—and vulnerability to—climate change

Daniel Clery

Climate Risk Intelligence, the First Frontier

Jacob Gleason
Eric Sanman

Business schools start preparing graduates for a world of climate risks

Katie Kross

The Electoral College Is Also a Climate Problem

Peter Beinart

7 Ways You’re Already Paying for Climate Change

Jennifer R. Marlon
Copernicus Sentinel (2020), processed by ESA

Guest post: How climate change misinformation spreads online

Kathie Treen, Dr. Hywel Williams, Dr. Saffron O’Neill

Shareholder climate rebellions surge despite coronavirus crisis

Abhishek Shrma

Just how hot will it get this century? It’s worse than we thought

Michael Grose and Julie Arblaster, The Conversation

How Shell Backed Dutch ‘Coordinator’ of Climate Science Denial For Decades

Alexander Beunder, Jilles Mast, Merel de Buck, and Bas van Beek

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