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January 8, 2021

COL. CHRIS HADFIELD, first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station, and Riskthinking.AI Board Member, knows a thing or two about risk; wisdom he recently shared in the inaugural episode of the podcast @Risk.

In the first of this new podcast series, which focuses on risk while amplifying stories of resilience in these dynamic and challenging times, Chris Hadfield takes host Judi Butts on a journey through space, his childhood, and his involvement with Riskthinking.AI.

“Risk is truly all of our business,” Hadfield says. “It is something everybody needs to address at a personal, professional, and if you have the energy, global level.” The key questions, however, must always be, “If I take this risk, what is going to be the outcome, and how can I hedge my bets?” In a world of growing complexity and an accelerating pace of change, Hadfield notes that comprehending risks and responding appropriately is getting harder to do. This however is made easier with the advent of artificial intelligence and machine learning that can “scrape the whole world’s knowledge on a topic like climate change and then fold that into the running of scenarios with many variables” – precisely the nature of the tools that Riskthinking.AI is developing.

“It was like a huge lightbulb going off when I was reading about your involvement with Riskthinking,” says Butts. “I thought about [the need for decision-making in the face of extreme uncertainty] on the level of national, global, public policy, and I thought, ‘of course. these folks need a sandbox too’.’”

Hadfield agrees, describing how complexities have moved from the regional to municipal to national to truly planet-wide scale, making it more important than ever to take advantage of available tools. “I am working with Ron at Riskthinking.AI because I really think this is the time in history when we can use that human creation to help us make better decisions for the collective good.”

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