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Emissions from 13 dairy firms match those of entire UK, says report

Damian Carrington

Climate Change: BP Writes Down Up To $17.5 Billion, Forecasts Low Oil, Gas Prices Through 2050

Palash Ghosh
Singularity Hub

Climate worst-case scenarios may not go far enough, cloud data shows

Jonathan Watts

Guest post: Cost of extreme weather due to climate change is severely underestimated

Prof. Dave Frame, Dr. Suzanne Rosier, Prof. Ilan Noy, and Dr. Luke Harrington

OPINION: Why climate action matters for governments battling COVID-19

Gernot Laganda | World Food Programme

Global natural gas demand set for biggest fall on record

Alliance Insurance

Guest post: How climate change could accelerate the threat of crop diseases

Dr. Helen Fones

Climate projection suggests warmer, wetter weather in National Capital Region by 2050

Ted Raymond

Florida’s Flooded Future: ‘Retreat While There’s Still Time’

Laura Raim

Warming is going to push farming North, releasing huge swaths of carbon stored in the soil

Adele Peters

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