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Analysis: Going carbon neutral by 2060 ‘will make China richer’

Hector Pollitt
Tiffany Hagler-Geard | Bloomberg | Getty Images

2020 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum at Second Lowest on Record

Kate Ramsayer
NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

Valuing nature conservation

Julien Claes, Michael Conway, Tony Hansen, Kimberly Henderson, Duko Hopman, Joshua Katz, Clarisse Magnin-Mallez, Dickon Pinner, Matt Rogers, Antoine Stevens, Robert Wilson

A joint methodology to help align credit portfolios with the goals of the Paris Agreement

Pressure mounts on U.S. bank regulators to stress test for climate change

Laura Alix

Carbon emissions of richest 1 percent more than double the emissions of the poorest half of humanity

Scott Peterson—Getty Images

Eye of Sauron

Coastal Zone Management Bill Becomes Law, Mitigating Erosion and Rising Sea Level Threats

Hawaii DLNR via County of Maui.

Emissions Could Add 15 Inches to 2100 Sea Level Rise, NASA-Led Study Finds


Interactive: What is the climate impact of eating meat and dairy?

Daisy Dunne
Daily Mail / © Supplied

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