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Germany irons out last coal exit law hurdles with conversion options for younger plants

Kerstine Appunn and Benjamin Wehrmann

Six facts that show how bad the record-breaking Arctic heatwave is

Matt Reynolds

Bank of Canada partners with the Bank for International Settlements to launch innovation centre

Media Relations

Shell to take up to $22 bln writedown after climate review

Ron Bousso

Unprecedented Drought Challenges for Texas Water Resources in a Changing Climate: What Do Researchers and Stakeholders Need to Know?

John W. Nielsen‐Gammon, Jay L. Banner, Benjamin I. Cook, Darrel M. Tremaine, Corinne I. Wong, Robert E. Mace, Huilin Gao, Zong‐Liang Yang, Marisa Flores Gonzalez, Richard Hoffpauir, Tom Gooch, Kevin Kloesel
Associated Press,

The world’s southernmost weather station has seen record-high temperatures over the past three decades, a new study says

Daisy Dunne

Deforestation and land-clearing are taking a toll on Brazil’s corn yield

Dartmouth College

Fracking trailblazer Chesapeake Energy becomes the biggest oil and gas bankruptcy of the pandemic

Matt Egan and Clare Duffy

Guest post: How climate change misinformation spreads online

Kathie Treen, Dr. Hywel Williams, Dr. Saffron O’Neill

Your Climate Disaster Tax Bill Is Growing

Paul Bodnar and Tamara Grbusic

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