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A coalition of nine financial institutions representing €1.8 trillion in assets under management is asking companies to take action to end deforestation in their supply chains, as well as to enhance supply chain traceability.

Rachel Cooper

In most years, hurricane activity would have wound down by now. Not in 2020

Emma Newburger
Johan Ordonez | AFP | Getty Images

Our call for pension funds to be “net-zero” by 2050

A new era in maritime travel: Electric boats

Justin Sondel
(Mustafa Hussain/For The Washington Post)

UN and partners express regret over US departure from Paris climate accord

How businesses can build resilience to climate impacts and protect the vulnerable throughout value chains

Samantha Harris and Léa Farnier
MIT Sloan Management Review

“Sustainable Finance: the changing regulatory landscape” – Gerry Cross, Director of Financial Regulation: Policy & Risk

Gerry Cross (transcribed speech)

Copernicus Sentinel-6 will monitor sea level rise in real time

Chrissy Sexton

Why Mispricing the Risks of Sea Level Rise Could Prove Costly

Climate Change Brings Prehistoric Plant From 60 Million Years Ago Back to Life

Jessica Stewart
Ventnor Botanic Garden

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