Climate Risk
Data Exchange

Comprehensive, consistent, and science-based, the CLIMATEWISDOM™ Data Exchange, provides subscribers a central location for accessing geo-specific Climate Risk Data. This data is needed to identify, evaluate, stress-test and rate potential financial impacts of climate change on industries, economies, portfolios and assets. 

Using Machine Learning and Structured Expert Judgement (SEJ), Riskthinking.AI collects, aligns, codifies and algorithmically generates trillions of data-points and tens-of-thousands of derived Climate Risk Datasets covering the entire surface of the earth. Our derived Climate Risk Data leverages a patented multi-factor scenario generation algorithm to capture the uncertainty in market-related risk factors at numerous future horizons.

Our tools and services enable users to access, visualize, analyze, compare, simulate and publish model data on scales from hours, months and years spanning from 1850 to 2100. Datasets are updated daily and available to subscribers via secure API.

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CLIMATEWISDOM™ simplifies the process of managing and analyzing petabytes of climate risk data for governments, regulators, financial institutions, climate scientists, analysts and business communities by mapping over 500 climate and socioeconomic variables to a user specified Climate Risk Region™

Each Climate Risk Region contains the Policy, Economic, Carbon, Social and Physical climate risks (Chronic and Acute) for a user specified time period (1850-2100) and transition scenario (SSP1-5, NGFS, ISIMIP). 

Climate Risk Regions scale globally, regionally, nationally from 150 square kilometers, to ultra high resolutions of 0.5 square meters, and even down to a specific latitude / longitude.


Climate Risk Data™ mapped to each Climate Risk Region™:

  • 58 leading Climate Models
  • 500+ Socioeconomic Variables
  • Structured Expert Judgement (SEJ)
  • 48 Transition Scenarios 
  • Environmental Observations 
  • Storm Track Data
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • Satellite Imagery
  • Physical Asset Data
  • Multifactor Scenarios
  • Market Sentiment Data
  • Macroeconomic Factors
  • Position Level Shocks
  • Macroeconomic Shocks
  • Physical Level Shocks
  • Climate Risk Rating™

Riskthinking.AI’s Climate Risk Data is organized in a hierarchy of climate risk and economic factors and aligned spatially and temporally to the Climate Risk Classification Standard (CRCS)™

CRCS™ is an emerging global standard that codifies the causal links of climate and macroeconomic drivers, factors and risks in a consistent transparent manner. 

We make Climate Risk Data “regulator ready” by enabling auditability of each and every piece of data allowing auditors to trace the precise origins of any data we produce.


Climate Risk Data Exchange

Simple, secure, cost-effective access to  consistent, regulatory ready Climate Risk Data spanning the globe.