Current climate risk scenarios are inconsistent, single-factored and generated in an ad-hoc manner. As a result, regulators and decision makers are not armed with the scientific evidence or data required to make informed financial and risk mitigation decisions.

Our API accessible Scenario Generation Algorithm algorithmically generates forward-looking,  multi-factor scenarios that are consistent, data driven and science-based. has built a data-driven, science-based, forward-looking scenario generation platform that provides Climate Risk Stress Testing and a Climate Risks Score. It provides policy and decision-makers with scenarios that include both the best and worst-case climate change outcomes. Armed with comprehensive and reliable data, a Climate Risk Score algorithmically generated from our scenario based Climate Risk Stress Test, public and private sector leaders have a fiduciary duty to protect assets and stakeholders from future climate risk.  We solve a major problem that constrains the benchmarking of climate-related financial impacts related to TCFD disclosures by generating scenarios that are consistent across sectors and markets.

For the first time, a platform will facilitate the formation of indexes to enable the trading and mitigating of financial risks associated with climate change. These indexes will allow investors to position their portfolios towards companies with good environmental credentials, thereby enabling large reductions in their investment footprint and further enabling important GHG reductions.