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Wednesday February 16, 2022 – 11AM EST 

Governments, Institutions, corporations, and asset managers are struggling to understand their exposure to the financial impacts of climate change. This exposure comes from physical climate risks as well as macro- and  microeconomic factors resulting from a transition to a low carbon economy. The lack of standards for codifying climate-related risks has hindered the quantification and reporting of these exposures along with the likelihood of financial and social impacts. For this reason, Riskthinking.AI has developed and is making available the Climate Risk Classification Standard (CRCS)™.

CRCS is a taxonomy of climate-related risks that unifies transition and physical risk related to climate change in a consistent and reproducible manner. It is a globally comprehensive ontology of risk that is auditable, transparent and openly available for the market to determine the economic impact of climate change.

Please join Riskthinking.AI’s CTO Brendan Reilly as he provides an overview of the Climate Risk Classification Standard (CRCS).