Virtual Webinar: 

Tuesday, December 7, 2021 – 5PM ET 

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Please join Dr. Ron Dembo, CEO, Riskthinking.AI and Prof. Kenneth Corts, Vice Dean, Rotman School of Management (University of Toronto) as they discuss our current age of ‘radical uncertainty’ and the new platform, models and tools required to properly and accurately measure, analyse and assess both the financial and climate risk – that pays much closer attention to the extreme outliers that too often become tomorrow’s reality.

Dr. Dembo has published his 3rd book ‘Risk Thinking … In An Uncertain World’ (2021) that evaluates the current models that cannot cope with the frightening new unpredictable risks we face every day – the effects of climate change, a killer pandemic, a cascading wildfire, a financial crisis triggered by faceless algorithms, or a devastating cyber-attack that shuts down the electric power grid.

Registration fee includes a link to the live stream, a paperback copy of ‘Risk Thinking: … In an Uncertain World’ and shipping to North America.
(Book will be shipped to registrants after the event.)