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Scott Phipps

Senior VP of Business Development

Scott has focused his training and work experience in the areas of international sustainable development, global climate change issues, clean energy technologies, mediation, and policy frameworks. He has worked in various parts of the world and within a variety of sectors. Sustainable development (SD) has been at the core of his various professional roles, which have included time spent as: a university professor; a speechwriter and political adviser for several federal political figures; a federal SD consultant; a senior SD manager in the global tech sector; an international news anchor; and as the founder of two SD focused companies. The United Nations has formally recognized his global efforts and he has enjoyed opportunities to foster this relationship. Scott’s academic background includes: an Honors BA in international politics from Concordia University in Montreal; studies in environmental economics issues at the University of Sao Paulo; a Master of Science degree in Comm/Development from the London School of Economics; and a PhD in International Environmental Law, as a CSC scholar, from China’s top law school CUPL. In addition, he has attained climate change health and science certifications from Harvard University and the United Nations.

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